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Ely Scaffolding

We are Priority Scaffolding, your Ely scaffolding experts. Our teams reach out across all the surrounding areas for commercial and domestic Ely scaffolding. We regularly work in Cambridge, St Ives, Haverhill, St Neots, Bury St Edmunds, Mildenhall, Saffron Walden, Huntingdon and Ely, covering a large service area. For fast, efficient and secure Ely scaffolding, get in touch with our skilled scaffolders today.

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    Based on 64 reviews
    Daniel McDonnell
    We have been using priority scaffolding for 6 months and have found the company to be reliable, efficient and with competitive prices. We will continue to use for all our domestic and commercial business. Thank you
    Geoff and Elizabeth How
    Our main contractor was let down by a scaffolding firm who ignored agreed installation dates . Contacted “Priority Scaffolding “. They came within 2 days. Soon as house works done they returned to dismantle etc. Their scaffolding team were excellent and highly efficient. This firm live up to their name and we’re well pleased.
    Justin Brown
    Excellent company put scaffold up on time and completed on time
    hong fzi
    Andy and his boys turn up on time and dismantled when I want to be dismantled so polite what a great team
    john hunt
    Wonderful experience with this company very efficient and professional.
    Ian Wagstaff
    Reliable scaffolder, jobs always completed on time to exacting standards
    david nightingale
    First class device , polite and fast Would recommend to anybody
    chris carter
    Perfect scaffold for the job, made painting a lot safer
    Gustavo Garcia
    “And these lads were great, they done a great job I would recommend them to anybody

    Our Ely Scaffolding

    We offer all types of Ely scaffolding and a varied range of scaffolding erections including temporary roofs, beaming & scaffolding towers. So, whether for a domestic home, commercial premises or building site our Ely scaffolding will cater to your requirements. We boast high levels of service and Health & Safety best practices. Our experienced scaffolders in Ely pride themselves on being able to get the job done efficiently, safely and in full compliance with current industry legislation. Every scaffolder on our team is CISRS registered. Priority Scaffolding carries CHAS accreditation. We also maintain excellent working relationships with many well-known builders, developers and blue-chip companies. Our success is because of our staff who are always friendly and courteous. Here at Priority Scaffolding, we also arrange pavement licences with the local authorities.

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    Priority Scaffolding

    Domestic Ely scaffolding

    Our domestic Ely scaffolding is frequently used to support outside renovation work, roofing repairs or installation and guttering and loft conversions. Whether you need Ely scaffolding to update your home’s exterior or repair your roof, we’ve got the solutions.

    Domestic Ely scaffolding

    Our domestic Ely scaffolding is frequently used to support outside renovation work, roofing repairs or installation and guttering and loft conversions. Whether you need Ely scaffolding to update your home’s exterior or repair your roof, we’ve got the solutions.

    Construction Ely scaffolding

    When you need Ely scaffolding for a construction project, you can trust us for the redevelopment of period properties. Our Ely scaffolding can be utilised for standard builds or to support a new build.

    Priority Scaffolding

    What is scaffolding and why do I need it?

    Whether you’re planning on undertaking repairs or a large-scale construction job, our Ely scaffolding can help your project succeed. Priority Scaffolding provides safe and secure Ely scaffolding to help domestic and commercial projects run smoothly. Scaffolding is a temporary structure that provides access platforms for those working on projects at varying height levels. Our scaffolding in Ely provides workers with a stable space to work from and hold their materials and tools. Ely scaffolding is designed to make projects run smoothly and succeed. Whether you’re undertaking construction, maintenance or repair work, Ely scaffolding is the answer. For more information about what Ely scaffolding is, get in touch with us today!

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    How do I know what type of scaffolding I need?

    If you’re not sure which type of Ely scaffolding you require, we can provide trusted recommendations. The type of Ely scaffolding you need for your project will depend on its size, complexity and requirements. When you come to Priority Scaffolding, our scaffolders in Ely can discuss the height of the structure, the type of work being performed, the load capacity required, and the duration of the project to advise on the type of Ely scaffolding you require. Let our experts help you determine the best type of Ely scaffolding for your needs and get in touch with us today!

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    Priority Scaffolding

    Scaffolding Services in Ely

    At Priority Scaffolding, we provide a range of services for Ely scaffolding. Please take a look at our list of Ely scaffolding and other services available to our clients:

    • Scaffold Hire Ely – Access Platforms: Choose us and hire a scaffold in Ely for access platforms. We will consider your access requirements to provide tailored Ely scaffolding for your project. This type of Ely scaffolding is used for bricklaying, rendering, soffits, facias and roofing projects for a range of clients.
    • Chimney Scaffolding Hire Ely: Is your chimney damaged or in need of replacement? If so, then choose us for chimney Ely scaffolding. Our tailored chimney Ely scaffolding is used for pointing, rendering damaged chimneys and providing access to a roof’s lead flashing replacement.
    • Conservatory Scaffolding Hire Ely: If you’re planning a project for your conservatory, then come to Priority Scaffolding today. We can provide high-quality, secure Ely scaffolding for conservatories. These scaffolds are erected over the glass roof using alloy beams to help painters or glaziers reach the work area.
    • Roof Scaffolding Hire Ely: Roof Ely scaffolding is used for gaining access to housing developments and restoration projects. Provides a safe working platform for contractors where your workers can also connect to existing man-safe systems. We can also add extra protection by installing brick guards and safety nets to protect debris from falling.
    • Hoarding and Boarding: If you’re concerned about security during your project, you need not be. Here at Priority Scaffolding, we use timber and other materials to board up and protect any large site from interference by third parties. This means that your Ely scaffolding will protect your property for the duration of your project.
    • Tube Protection: We take the security and safety of our projects seriously. This is why our Ely scaffolding includes frame fittings. This is where we put a frame together for specialist fencing to be tied to. Ensure the safety of your Ely scaffolding with our tube protection services.
    • Extension Scaffolding Hire Ely: Are you undertaking an extension project? If so, then let Priority Scaffolding provide you with a reliable extension Ely scaffolding. Our extension Ely scaffolding can be added to any extension project in varying heights and widths to make your extension project a breeze.
    • Pavement Licenses: When Ely scaffolding needs to take up any part of the public right of way, you may require a pavement license. Fortunately, the experts at Priority Scaffolding can arrange for this when your Ely scaffolding takes up any part of the public right of way. We can help your project adhere to regulations and remain compliant.
    • Scaffolding Alarms: Our Ely scaffolding includes alarm fitting. These are fitted to alert owners, contractors or security guards if an intruder is climbing the scaffold.
    • Scaffolding Towers: Used for all types of work including rubbish chute installations, demolition projects or just plain and simple access.
    • House Building: Timber frame houses.
    • Thatch Roofing: Private sector.
    • Temporary Roofing: Installed to protect the roofing structure from bad weather. We can provide expert advice on scaffold roofing.
    Priority Scaffolding

    Temporary Roof Scaffolding in Ely

    At Priority Scaffolding, Ely, we can erect a scaffold and temporary roof with tin sheeting for a range of needs. Most often this is for loft conversions and renovation, or refurbishment work to keep projects watertight.

    A temporary roof scaffold is erected by fixing the steel tubes together to form a large structure that completely covers the required area. We then cover the scaffold structure with a waterproof material such as monarflex. This protects the internal area from wind and rain, thereby allowing any building work to take place without the nuisance of the elements. Erecting a temporary roof scaffold whilst completing any construction can also save you money in the long run. Particularly poor weather when working on a building project can cause problems with materials and tasks. To avoid replacing materials and the job taking longer to complete, a temporary roof scaffold is a perfect solution to avoid these problems.

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    Single Ely Scaffolding

    Single scaffolds, also known as bricklayers Ely scaffolding, are predominantly used by bricklayers when they are repairing brickwork or building a new property. Our single Ely scaffolding is best used on smaller buildings due to a lack of manoeuvrability regarding elevating or lowering the scaffold. Therefore single Ely scaffolding is ideal for smaller buildings as it offers a stable base for any labourers, and they are easily erected to the required height.

    Independent & Double Ely Scaffolding

    Double scaffolding, also known as masons Ely scaffolding, is perfect for any buildings which are constructed from stone. With any stone building, it is difficult to create holes in walls for support logs to keep the scaffold secure. Erected differently from a single scaffold, a double scaffold makes use of an extra section of scaffolding as a support for the rest of the structure.

    However, like single Ely scaffolding, there is not a lot of manoeuvrability when raising and lowering the platform. Therefore it is only practical with use on similar buildings or when working on a specific area of a building.

    Support & Suspended Ely Scaffolding

    Suspended Ely scaffolding is unique to other scaffolding techniques in that the scaffold is secured at the top of the building rather than at the base. This means that there is no scaffold near the ground to cause inconvenience for vehicles and passersby. As such, this form of Ely scaffolding is highly useful for tall buildings, especially when the building is on a busy road.

    The scaffold is suspended from your roof using ropes or wires. Because of this, the platform can easily be raised or lowered as needed. Therefore, you can use this for a wide range of tasks from repairs to renovations.

    Chimney Stack Scaffolding Ely Services

    Are you repairing a chimney? Or undertaking a chimney reline? If so, make sure you do it the right way with our chimney Ely scaffolding. Chimney stack scaffolding is efficient in terms of both space and time. It is less time-consuming to erect and a reliable option for smaller work areas.

    Roof Edge Protection Ely Scaffolding

    When undertaking any type of construction work the safety of any workers is of paramount importance. That’s why Priority Scaffolding specialises in edge protection for Ely scaffolding. We install a variety of edge protection frameworks depending on what material the structure is.

    Edge protection does exactly what the name suggests by erecting a barrier around any edge that carries the risk of falling. This helps to prevent any accidents on the construction site. Priority Scaffolding can erect any Ely scaffolding with edge protection as well as installing edge protection on existing scaffold structures.

    Safety Scaffolding – Birdcage & Crash Deck Scaffolding Hire Ely

    Crash deck and birdcage Ely scaffolding are useful to complete any indoor renovation or repair work. This Ely scaffolding is also suitable for outside use if needed, particularly when working in a building with a high roof placement.

    As crash deck and birdcage Ely scaffolding are predominantly for internal work, they are usually erected with a lighter material. This makes crash deck and birdcage Ely scaffolding relatively easy and quick to erect and dismantle. However, this should be completed by professional scaffolders due to the requirements to comply with Health and Safety standards.

    Birdcage Ely scaffolding is erected by arranging standards at regular intervals. A maximum of 2.5 metres apart – then tied together using a grid of transoms and ledgers. We then lay boards over the scaffold and secure them to create the working platform for labourers. A birdcage scaffold should also offer an enclosed working space for any tradesmen, keeping them safe from falling through any gaps in the scaffold.

    Cantilever Scaffolding Hire Ely

    Cantilever Ely scaffolding is erected with the use of steel poles which attach to the base of a structure, acting as support for the platform above. As the steel support poles are angled from the base outwards, very little space is taken up on the ground meaning that you are not causing an inconvenience to anyone on the street level. As such this form of Ely scaffolding is very useful if your building is located on the main road. The platform is elevated and secured away from the road. Creating a safe environment for labourers to work, minimising the risk of the structure being hit by a vehicle.

    Why do I need scaffolding for my project?

    Enhanced Health & Safety

    Our Ely scaffolding services consider all areas of your project to ensure that health and safety requirements are met. From inspecting our Ely scaffolding to ensuring secure structures, we meet and exceed all areas of health and safety. We maintain, inspect and manage every aspect of our Ely scaffolding. We take your safety seriously and ensure that your Ely scaffolding remains secure for the duration of your project.

    Simple, Efficient & Reliable Support

    When you come to Priority Scaffolding for your Ely scaffolding, you can experience a fully comprehensive service. In addition to providing you with quality Ely scaffolding, you can also enjoy simple, efficient and reliable support. Whether you need recommendations for Ely scaffolding or have any questions about our services, you can rely on our skilled team for the answers.

    Regulatory Compliance

    When it comes to Ely scaffolding, compliance with regulations is essential. Domestic and commercial clients who come to us for Ely scaffolding can rest assured that every aspect of our services adheres to regulations. We take compliance seriously, which is why our staff are highly trained and are up-to-date on any changes in regulations. We prioritise your peace of mind and are considered industry experts in Ely scaffolding.

    Range of Applications

    Whether you have a large-scale commercial project or are undertaking maintenance on your home, our Ely scaffolding is the answer. From suspended Ely scaffolding to chimney stack Ely scaffolding, our Ely scaffolding can accommodate projects of all sizes, scopes and complexities. For fully tailored Ely scaffolding that considers all of your requirements, make sure you come to the experts at Priority Scaffolding.

    Quality Materials & Trained Staff

    Whether you have a large-scale commercial project or are undertaking maintenance on your home, our Ely scaffolding is the answer. From suspended Ely scaffolding to chimney stack Ely scaffolding, our Ely scaffolding can accommodate projects of all sizes, scopes and complexities. For fully tailored Ely scaffolding that considers all of your requirements, make sure you come to the experts at Priority Scaffolding.

    FREE Quotes

    We provide FREE no-obligation quotations for Ely scaffolding. This means you can rest assured that there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises when you choose us for Ely scaffolding. We take care of our clients and value your satisfaction from beginning to end. If you’re ready to get in touch with us, why not enjoy a FREE quote for quality Ely scaffolding today?

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    Priority Scaffolding

    Ely Scaffolding Frequently Asked Questions

    How much notice do you require for Ely scaffolding?

    We recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements for Ely scaffolding. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial client, we’re confident that we can quickly and efficiently meet your requirements for Ely scaffolding.

    Is your team qualified and experienced in scaffolding?

    Yes, we have a fully qualified and experienced team of scaffolders for Ely scaffolding. Every team member stays up-to-date with safety standards and industry practices so you can enjoy a high-quality and reliable experience when you come to us.

    What safety measures do you implement on-site?

    All our scaffolders in Ely adhere to safety standards at every point of your project. You can also rest assured that our Ely scaffolding complies with Health and Safety standards.

    Can you assist with scaffolding dismantling after the project’s completion?

    Absolutely. Once your project is complete, our team will efficiently dismantle your Ely scaffolding to leave your site clean and ready for its next stage.

    Can I install scaffolding myself?

    For safety reasons, we strongly recommend contacting skilled professionals to install your Ely scaffolding. Our trained professionals will ensure that your Ely scaffolding is secure and stable.

    Is scaffolding safe?

    Yes, when installed by professionals and used correctly, our Ely scaffolding is a safe solution for working at height. Our Ely scaffolders follow strict protocols and comply with all regulations to ensure the safety of our Ely scaffolding. We also carry out regular inspections and maintenance on our Ely scaffolding to maintain the highest safety standards.

    Do I need a permit to use scaffolding?

    Depending on your location and the specifications of your project, you may need a permit for Ely scaffolding. If you’re not sure if you need a permit for Ely scaffolding, speak to our expert Ely scaffolders today. We can provide trusted advice and recommendations for Ely scaffolding.

    What happens if the scaffolding is damaged during the hire period?

    If the scaffolding is damaged during the hire period, please inform us immediately. We will assess the damage and make necessary repairs. Depending on the terms of the hire agreement, you may be responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement.

    How much does scaffolding cost?

    The cost of Ely scaffolding will depend on the size and complexity of your project. Contact us today for a FREE quote for Ely scaffolding.

    How long can I hire the scaffolding for my project?

    We offer Ely scaffolding for a range of durations and our services are flexible. We can meet your project deadlines with short and long-term Ely scaffolding to suit your needs. Contact us today for more information about our Ely scaffolding.

    Why choose us for scaffolding in Ely?

    Priority Scaffolding

    Expertise & Experience

    Our team has years of experience in Ely scaffolding and brings a wealth of expertise to every project we undertake.

    Priority Scaffolding

    FREE Quotes

    We offer FREE no-obligation quotations for Ely scaffolding. This means you can rest assured that there are no hidden costs.

    Priority Scaffolding

    Safety First

    We adhere strictly to industry safety regulations and guidelines, ensuring that our scaffolding provides a secure working environment.

    Ready to work with us for Ely scaffolding?

    If you are about to start a construction project and require Ely scaffolding, look no further than Priority Scaffolding. We provide Ely scaffolding and the surrounding areas and pride ourselves on efficient scaffolding and a high level of customer service.

    For Ely scaffolding, contact us today and one of our friendly staff will certainly be able to help. Give Andy a call on 01223 411377 or 07803 211222 for a FREE quotation. Or visit our contact page and get in touch with us via email. You can also check out our Facebook and Instagram.