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Daniel McDonnell
We have been using priority scaffolding for 6 months and have found the company to be reliable, efficient and with competitive prices. We will continue to use for all our domestic and commercial business. Thank you
Geoff and Elizabeth How
Our main contractor was let down by a scaffolding firm who ignored agreed installation dates . Contacted “Priority Scaffolding “. They came within 2 days. Soon as house works done they returned to dismantle etc. Their scaffolding team were excellent and highly efficient. This firm live up to their name and we’re well pleased.
Justin Brown
Excellent company put scaffold up on time and completed on time
hong fzi
Andy and his boys turn up on time and dismantled when I want to be dismantled so polite what a great team
john hunt
Wonderful experience with this company very efficient and professional.
Ian Wagstaff
Reliable scaffolder, jobs always completed on time to exacting standards
david nightingale
First class device , polite and fast Would recommend to anybody
chris carter
Perfect scaffold for the job, made painting a lot safer
Gustavo Garcia
“And these lads were great, they done a great job I would recommend them to anybody
Priority Scaffolding

Reliable Temporary Roofing Systems

Here at Priority Scaffolding, we cover Cambridgeshire and all surrounding areas. We understand the importance of providing reliable temporary roofing systems, whether you are looking to protect your equipment from the damaging effects of the weather or wanting to ensure that your property is kept dry and safe. When undertaking any construction of a building, whether that being your home or your workplace, it is essential that the property is kept waterproof. It may be that you have a few leaking tiles or you are repairing the roof or you may be waiting for your new roof to be installed. It is important that you do not allow any dampness into the structure of your property, which may result in further repairs needing to take place.

Temporary roofing systems can be installed either by crane or if crane accessibility is not possible, we can provide a rolling system, this ensures a safe system of work for our installation team and passers-by. There are a vast number of areas of application ranging from waterproofing a property for refurbishment and restoration work to the construction of new builds to providing temporary roofing systems for an event such as a concert or show.

Keeping Costs Low & Standards High

Is important that when partaking in any works that you have a temporary roofing system installed to protect your property from the elements, we understand the importance of keeping costs low but standards high. There are several different types of temporary roofing systems whether that being corrugated temporary roof coverage or shrink-wrap depending on the size of your roof one of the most popular and cost-effective temporary roofing systems is corrugated sheeting, corrugated sheeting is both versatile and robust meaning they can be used to build a variety of temporary roofs.

We can provide you with a corrugated canopy structure to each of your specifications to ensure that we meet the height expectation for your new roof. Our team of fully trained experts will install the corrugated temporary roofing system by using double fittings and ensuring that the tubes are tied to the front and the rear of the beams so that your property is supported correctly. Once the tubes are tied to the front and the rear beams reinstall purlin tubes at the centres at centres of the beams this is crucial to support the corrugated steel sheets.

Priority Scaffolding

We then lay sheets on the purling tubes and tie them down using Wrigley fittings that have been designed specifically to protect your property against the vast weather conditions we meet whilst ensuring that your property is fully waterproofed. Once the area is fully covered, we will then install more purling tubes with the roofing fittings this is essential to ensure that every sheet is family kept in place we will then cover the roof lining with shrink wrap which gives further protection to your property and ensures further waterproofing factors.

Variety Of Temporary Roofing Systems

There are a variety of temporary roofing systems that may suit your needs, whether you are doing small repair works on your cottage or a complete roof replacement on a church. We have a burst amount of experience in providing temporary roofing systems for homeowners and construction companies. Scaffolding can provide you with quick and effective coverage to ensure that your property is waterproof throughout the entire construction process, although we are based in Cambridgeshire we cover all the surrounding areas from Hertfordshire to Sussex.

Whenever any roof works are being carried out, it is important that you do not leave out the most essential safety precautions. It may be that you do not know what you are requiring, this is why the team of experts are here to offer you expert advice and free guidance to ensure that week can provide you with the best temporary roofing systems whilst giving you a no-obligation quote.

Temporary roofing systems require in-depth planning to ensure that your project remains watertight throughout, we can offer versatile temporary roofing systems that can be erected safely and quickly without causing any unnecessary disturbance to your workload.

Each of our temporary roofing systems is available in a selection of sizes ensuring that we can provide a service for both small and large projects including those on construction sites. It may be that you are currently having a side extension or an entirely new roof, maybe you are undergoing small repairs, having a temporary roofing system can provide you with the comfort that you will not have any unwanted expenditures.

Professionally Designed By Our Team Of Experts

Our temporary roofing systems are professionally designed by our team of experts as well as ensuring that they are erected and dismantled expertly. We understand that not every temporary roofing system is the same. Each system that we provide is planned and adapted to ensure that we meet each of your specific needs for your project whilst guaranteeing and complete with a high-quality waterproof covering.

We understand the inconvenience of having to work around other equipment. This is why when we supply my temporary roofing systems we keep in mind whilst ensuring that your project is watertight. We ensure that you can complete any construction work without the nuisance of the temporary roofing system being in your way. A professional temporary roofing system can save you money in the long run especially when the cold weather hits if your project is not covered by a watertight roofing system you may end up having problems with materials which means that you have the task of replacing them if they become damaged entire this one only cost you money but it also cost you time meaning temporary roofing system is a perfect solution for you to avoid these unnecessary problems.

If you have any questions, please contact our experts today we are here to answer each of your questions and ensure that your construction project continues smoothly and safely as possible.

Priority Scaffolding

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