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Daniel McDonnell
We have been using priority scaffolding for 6 months and have found the company to be reliable, efficient and with competitive prices. We will continue to use for all our domestic and commercial business. Thank you
Geoff and Elizabeth How
Our main contractor was let down by a scaffolding firm who ignored agreed installation dates . Contacted “Priority Scaffolding “. They came within 2 days. Soon as house works done they returned to dismantle etc. Their scaffolding team were excellent and highly efficient. This firm live up to their name and we’re well pleased.
Justin Brown
Excellent company put scaffold up on time and completed on time
hong fzi
Andy and his boys turn up on time and dismantled when I want to be dismantled so polite what a great team
john hunt
Wonderful experience with this company very efficient and professional.
Ian Wagstaff
Reliable scaffolder, jobs always completed on time to exacting standards
david nightingale
First class device , polite and fast Would recommend to anybody
chris carter
Perfect scaffold for the job, made painting a lot safer
Gustavo Garcia
“And these lads were great, they done a great job I would recommend them to anybody
Priority Scaffolding

Advanced Accessibility & Safety

At Priority Scaffolding, we provide both crash deck and full birdcage scaffolding which are both equally popular with our clients, due to the advanced accessibility and safety factors. We offer an unbeatable service and provide products for Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas. We ensure that safety is our top priority when providing a service. When building, inspecting and using scaffolding it is crucial that safety is one of the most important factors to adhere to.

All scaffolding must be built under the supervision of a highly qualified competent person whilst all workers must be highly trained before the scaffolding is used. When the scaffolding is erected, it is crucial that regular tests are completed to ensure that the scaffold and the components are properly tagged before the beginning of each shift to ensure that the workers are safe to complete work.

Safety scaffolding is important so that workplace accidents are prevented and ensuring that both workers and members of the public are kept safe. Inspections and training will be required to ensure that full safety precautions are met.

When completing either indoor renovation or repair work supplying useful safety scaffolding is key, both crash deck or birdcage scaffolding are fantastic options, especially when working within a building with high roof placement.

Important Safety Measures

Typically, both crash deck and birdcage scaffolding are used for internal work, this is due to the simplicity of erecting and dismantling the scaffolding. It is important that all safety measures are taken, ensuring that safety measures are kept to Health and Safety standards and ensuring that workers are kept safe. Most importantly, only highly trained and competent scaffold contracts must be used to set up scaffolding structures. It is crucial that the contractor must obtain the relevant and correct licenses to use the scaffolding ensuring that all legal licences are in date and will not expire whilst works are taking place. If the scaffolding is to be put up in a public area the contractors must schedule works to be completed when members of the public are less likely to be in the area.

Priority Scaffolding

Birdcage Scaffolding

Birdcage scaffolding is typically used for redecorating work at ceiling height, they will almost always be constructed on the inside of the building so the installation of floor joists, ceiling painting and plaster boarding can be completed safely and securely. Birdcage scaffolding is a brilliantly simple design and typically used for one level use. The structure is a free-standing structure that is easily assembled which makes it simpler for smaller projects.

Typically birdcage access scaffolding is made up of one working platform and scaffolders traditionally have two options when erecting the intermediate lifts. It is important that when birdcage access scaffolding is erected a plan should be put in place for both erecting and dismantling the scaffolding. One of the leading risks of a fall is linked with raising and lowering boards over a broad surface area. There are a few factors that are considered when erecting birdcage access scaffolding, most importantly, the area that the scaffolding will be erected. One option is partially boarded, this provides the scaffolders’ safe zones in runs so that the erection of the birdcage scaffolding can be erected in the centre of the birdcage access scaffolding, there will be guardrails on openings to minimise the risk of falls. Secondly, full boarding the entire area, meaning all bays will need transoms and all boards will be raised systematically. Our scaffolders will be clipped on when encroaching less than one metre from the leading edge. Guardrails will only be required of the exposed outer perimeter.

Birdcage scaffolding is erected by arranging standards at regular intervals, typically a maximum of 2.5 metres apart. Once they are placed, they are tied together using a grid of transoms and ledgers. Once this part is completed, the top level is then boarded over and secured to ensure that labourers have a safe working platform. It is important that a birdcage scaffold offers an enclosed area for tradesmen to guarantee they are kept safe from falling through the gaps.

Crash Deck Platform

Crash deck is typically a temporary scaffolding platform to be used to stop falling objects during the construction and demolition process. Trade contractors such as joiners and painters and decorators can rest assured that they are working within a safe environment as much as those working on a construction site. Although, safety scaffolding must be erected by qualified scaffolders. Birdcage scaffolding needs a large number of platform boards generally due to the working area being much larger.

Planning Process

Before completing any work, it is important that the planning process is completed. It is important that all the relevant information is provided to us so that we can provide an accurate and proper design process. Most importantly, we must be provided with site location, the period of time in which the scaffolding is required, the intention of use, the height and length that you require for the scaffold and any issues that may affect the scaffold, an accurate number of the maximum number of bodies that will be using the scaffolding at one time and the maximum working loads. Additionally, we will need to know the type of access you require, whether that is a staircase, a ladder bay or external ladders, as well as any specific conditions you require such as any restrictions on the location. Safety scaffolding is essential when completing any construction projects.

Priority Scaffolding

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